Patriot Power Generator 1500:


Features a state-of-the-art lithium-iron-phosphate battery that charges with a folding solar panel, or by plugging it into a wall outlet. With up to 3,000 peak watts of clean, quiet, renewable power, it will generate power for some lights around your home, a freezer, cellphones, computers, radios, medical devices, an electric blanket and more.

Patriot Power Generator 4.1 (DMX)


This generator has all of the great features of our PPG 1500 but can use an external battery pack to store even more hours of power. It is a smart and seamless solution that protects you when outages leave you powerless for an extended period of time. The quiet, portable device is all about practicality and endurance, lasting up to 2,500 complete life cycles.

Military-Grade EMP Bag

PPG-Military Grade EMP Bag

Designed to withstand lightening, solar flares, and even a full-scale Electro Magnetic Pulse attack, the EMP Bag ensures that your generator is protected from natural or man-made EMP disasters. It is constructed with a revolutionary woven copper mesh inner core surrounded by waterproof ballistic nylon.

Instruction Manual (Back Page):

Instruction Manual (Front Page):