This Nearly Endless
Energy Source Could
Save Your Life

John didn’t know he was going to die that night.

He woke up and went about his day like every other American that morning.

He didn’t know that a simple government screw up was about to cost him his life. He was 27 years old, with his whole life ahead of him.

It was 4:10 pm on August 14th, 2003.

That’s when the massive blackout struck. In the blink of an eye, it took power from over 45 million people in 8 states across the U.S.

And it took John’s life.

See, that night John did something that most of the other 45 million Americans without power did. He lit some candles.

Then he fell asleep. And he never woke up.

The candles caught his home on fire and he died in his sleep. The young Michigan man died for no good reason.

It could have been avoided.

Just 50 miles away from John another man lost his life during the blackout.

This man was prepared. He was ready for a disaster. He had a back up generator. But the generator ended up killing him.

See, it used gas. And that gas poisoned him with carbon monoxide and robbed him of his life.

Both of these men could have survived if they had one simple thing. A generator that didn’t rely on Fossil Fuels for energy.

A generator that uses space-age technology to capture the power of the sun.

After years of research and scouting for the perfect solution, I found it.

The Patriot Power Generator 1500.

There’s only one catch. We don’t have a lot of inventory. And we could run out of generators at any time. This isn’t some false “we only have 20 in the warehouse” type of thing. This is very real.

We sold out of our first run of 500 generators in 8 days.

We sold out of our second run of 1,000 generators in 14 days.

We recently offered 500 units exclusively to our customers in April and sold out in 10 days.

Unfortunately, due to the current manufacturing process it takes 3-4 months from the day we order until we receive more units.

The good news is that if you’re reading this letter right now, that means we have at least one generator in stock. But once we run out, which we always do, it could be months before we receive more.

So my suggestion is to act today. If you wait, it may be too late.

“Magic Bullet” That Protects You 100% Against Blackouts,
Power Failures and the
Crumbling Electric Grid

Do you know that your life, and the life of everyone you love, is hanging in the balance RIGHT NOW?

You and your family are literally one step away from a 21st-century apocalypse.

While you go about your day, dark forces across the globe are at work 24/7 taking aim at our country’s beating heart... Targeting something critical to life as we know it that’s so old, so under-protected, and so vulnerable, it’s become our “weakest link.”

And it’s shocking it hasn’t been destroyed... YET.

I'm not talking about terror attacks that are in the planning stages.

I’m Talking About Attacks That Are

And yet, for decades the government has managed to bury this terrifying threat, and what’s worse, they’re still not doing anything to stop it.

If you want those you love to survive this all-too-real threat that’s just around the corner, pay very close attention to this entire presentation...

Because I’ll reveal the danger that's at our doorstep and what you can do to prepare for it.

If you leave this page you'll miss your chance to protect yourself and your family from what's just around the corner.

A lot of people are blind to what's coming.

The mainstream media and the establishment government have got most folks living in a land of make-believe. Sitting slack-jawed watching reality shows, drinking their designer coffee and reading celebrity gossip rags.

And when this smoking volcano finally erupts, there won't be any place to hide.

This threat doesn't play favorites, folks. ANYONE can become easy prey. If you're unprepared, you'll be bulldozed along with everyone else in the path of destruction.

So that said, you have two choices. You choose to be a survivor or choose to be a victim.

There is no in-between.

I'm Going to Be Blunt - You May Find This Letter VERY OFFENSIVE

If you came to this page expecting some bland, talking head commentary, you've come to the WRONG PLACE!

If you buy the government's robotic talking points hook, line, and sinker, then you probably should leave now. Because what I'm about to reveal will make your head spin in disbelief.

But if you're like other Patriots who are sick and tired of being fed a line of garbage straight from Washington elites while watching our great nation go down in flames, then by all means… keep watching.

You'll be glad you did!

Know this though… what I'm about to share with you is explosive stuff.

If you leave this page don't be surprised to find that my video’s been hijacked by the NSA cyber-cops and taken down.

So if you value your freedom and your family's wellbeing, read it now, while you still can.

Still with me?

Good. That tells me something about you.

You're likely wondering what the heck happened to the America you grew up in. And how we ended up here in a wreck of a once glorious nation.

With rampant unemployment, 47 million freeloaders on food stamps, and a legacy of leaders trying turn the USA into some socialist utopia.

There are a lot of scandals competing for attention, thanks to Obama and his cronies.

Benghazi, the VA debacle, the IRS mess, you name it.

But the foundation of our society, our nation's power grid, hardly gets any press.

And nothing will matter if it goes under from a well-planned terrorist attack.

When the grid falls, everything we know, love, and cherish falls with it.

Because the truth is, losing the grid would be like watching our country have a heart attack.

When the heart stops pumping, everything shuts down and the patient flatlines.

Veteran news anchor Ted Koppel writes about this exact scenario in his best-selling book “Lights Out.” He describes in great detail how attacks on America's grid aren't just likely. They're already happening! And how the feds are shockingly unprepared.

The advice he got from Obama’s buddy Jeh Johnson at Homeland Security? “You need a battery-powered radio.”

Talk about government incompetence!

When a full-blown attack on the grid happens (and it's not a question of if but when, folks) inconvenience turns into a real-life horror movie…

Except in This Case, There's
NO End in Sight

Our great country would be crippled in a matter of minutes, before our enemies even have boots on the ground.

Imagine your life frozen in time right at the moment the power fails... and that you'd begin to lose everything in that split second.

Lights all over the country would go out, throwing people into total darkness.

Your fridge, electric range, and microwave would be dead, and all the fresh food you had to keep cold would rot.

The canned and boxed food you had in the pantry would run out in a matter of days.

Your thermostat wouldn't work, making your house feel like an oven or a meat locker.

Plus, extremes in temperature can be life threatening to children, the elderly, or those who are weak or ill.

Your well couldn't pump any fresh water into your house.

And even if you don't have a well, a total grid failure means NO FRESH WATER supply to drink, cook or clean with, or let's face it, FLUSH.

Your home would go from a sanctuary to a hazmat zone.

Garbage would pile up everywhere, attracting insects, rats, and plagues of disease.

And something that makes you realize how helpless you really are without power?

All your communication devices would be as useful as tin-can telephones.

No smart phones, tablets, or computers.

You'd be isolated and alone, cut off from your friends and family… or any form of help.

The Simple Fact is That EVERYTHING Would Just... STOP

Supermarkets would be picked over – shelves empty within hours.

Looters would make quick work of any remaining stock. And they'd keep it for themselves or sell it at jacked-up prices to desperate people clamoring for food.

Not like you could get to the money in your bank account anyway!

Credit cards? They'd be worthless. About as valuable as the plastic they're made from.

Traffic lights would be toast, causing gridlock and fatal accidents.

Hospitals may buy a little time with stand-by generators, but pretty soon bodies would start piling up.

Life-saving equipment such as monitors and defibrillators wouldn't work, meaning patients in ICU, on life support, and recovering from surgery would be the first to die. (Remember Katrina???)

Schools would basically cease to exist, and children would have to stay home.

Gas stations would be bone dry… even if they had gas, they couldn’t pump without power.

Police would be helpless as criminals roamed the streets like rabid dogs, unable to take or respond to 911 emergencies.

County jails and prisons couldn't contain their overflowing criminal populations and they'd leak back into society...

And soon robberies, rapes, murder, and mayhem would rise to epidemic levels.

Society would become a deadly free-for-all in no time.

Sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel, right?

Well, it isn't folks. This isn't some tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theory.

It Could Happen at Any Moment, and I've Got the Stone Cold Proof

Experts agree, the threat is quite real.

Frank Gaffney, the founder of the Center for Security Policy, predicts…

"Should the power go out and stay out for over a year, 9 out of 10 Americans would likely perish."

And here’s a frightening quote from Dr. Richard Andres, US National War College:

"A massive and well-coordinated cyber-attack on the electrical grid could devastate the economy and cause a large-scale loss of life."

Just to remind you how easy it is to bring down the grid using nothing more than an Internet connection, look at what happened in the Ukraine!

A cyber attack on their power grid caused massive blackouts for hundreds of thousands of people. The attack was so severe, it knocked out systems intended to help restore power. Computers were destroyed… even the call centers used to report outages were knocked out.

Get this… U.S. investigators said that our systems aren't any more protected than those breached in Ukraine.

And these attacks happen daily, according to

"More than a dozen utilities said they constantly, sometimes on a DAILY BASIS, face attempted cyber-attacks. One utility said it was the target of about 10,000 cyber-attacks each month, according to the report."

Here's another alarming story from Reuters:

And it's not just a cyber attack we have to fear.

Just recently, terrorist snipers FIRED on a California substation.

They shot 100 rounds of ammo straight into transformer radiators. Thousands of gallons of oil leaked, causing critical equipment to overheat and shut down. It took months and $15 million dollars to repair damage done by the terrorists in just minutes.

The attack was so bold, former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee, Jon Wellinghoff, called it…

"...the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred."

And he's concerned an even LARGER ATTACK could be in our near future.

Even former CIA official Dr. Peter Pry warns…

"There is an imminent threat from ISIS to the national electric grid and not just to a single U.S. city."

What Does This Really Mean?

It means the terrorists are just getting started.

And what do you think the Obama administration did to protect us from these threats in nearly a decade-long term?

They probably had some sort of special team working on this 24/7, right?


Instead, they threw open our borders for more! Pretty much rolled out the red carpet for illegals and Muslim “refugees” and made the terrorists’ job that much easier.

Putting the American public in grave danger.

So much for protecting the citizens of this country.

I’m not kidding.

Because right around the same time, Obama and his friends at the EPA declared an all out war on coal, which powered almost 50% of all the electricity we use.

It sent our electric bills up and added more stress to an already disintegrating power grid!

Now, I know what I've already shared with you has probably got you pretty shaken up.

I don't like being the messenger of doom. But it's important you realize what we're facing here.

In just a few moments, I'm going to share with you the one item that will restore your hope for the future no matter what crisis is on the horizon.

So stick with me, friend. And I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

But real quick, let’s talk about the true state of the American power grid.

Most people never think about it because until now, it's worked okay. You flip a switch and the light comes on.

But is it really that simple? And why would it be so easy for terrorists to bring it down?

Well the dying American power grid gets an alarming D+ from the American Society of Civil Engineers for infrastructure and the ability to handle demand.

Talk about being ripe for a crisis!

If you were to compare the grid to an American city, guess which one it would resemble the most?

With all its ruin and decay, without hesitating, I’d say Detroit.

Are You Scared Yet? You Should Be

Case in point, the best example we have of how weak the grid really is happened just a couple of years ago, when the East Coast got pulverized by Super storm Sandy.

This "Nor' Easter" packed such a wallop, it knocked out power to over 250,000 NYC residents!

I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched New Yorkers actually DUMPSTER DIVING for food after the storm, because they had no power and nothing to eat.

Talk about a slap in the face!

It wouldn't take much to shove us all into the nightmare of an extended blackout.

Remember the “Polar Vortex?”

Record snowfall and frigid temperatures heaved record stress on the grid. It almost wiped out power for millions of people in America’s heartland!

It was only the “heroic efforts of grid operators" that saved large parts of the country from total blackouts. Another icy subzero winter could spell disaster all across the nation.

Philip Moeller, head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, said that "...the experience of this past winter indicates that the power grid is now already at the limit."

And it's only getting worse thanks to bonehead moves from Obama, the Clintons and the EPA.

Many Americans are blissfully ignorant; they can't even see the crisis that's headed right for us. Or maybe they just don't care…

For those folks, all I can say is "Good luck, you're going to need it."

But because you're here reading this, I know that's not you.

You're not drinking the government Kool-Aid, and you know you've got to do whatever you can to protect your family.

I've learned over the years that if something's gotta be done, I've got to do it myself.

Just like you, I had to learn the lessons of self-reliance the hard way.

But it's not just the government who's screwing things up.

You probably know by now that power monopolies are as thick as thieves with the Feds. They get an endless amount of cash and fat tax breaks while the rest of us get tax hikes.

And for you and me, it's just going to get worse.

Chances are, I bet we share the same red, white, and blue values.

We believe in what America once was and could be again…

That's why we need to keep fighting.

And the only way to do that and make it count?

By taking back our birthright—by becoming more independent and by hitting the government exactly where it hurts… the pocketbook.

It's a pretty bleak picture right now.

Soon, the burden on our already weak grid will become completely unsustainable.

Not to mention that they're doing NOTHING to guard the grid against attacks that just keep coming.

Friends, if You Want to Survive What’s Coming You Have to Take Care of It Yourself... That's the Bare-Knuckled Truth

Now maybe you're thinking a backup generator would be just the ticket. But did you know that it takes a whopping 18 gallons of gasoline PER DAY to keep one running?

Even a small generator with just enough juice to power a few lights costs over $30 a day to operate? That’s over $210 a week… more than $10,920 a year!

As a hard-working American, you probably don't have piles of cash like that stuffed in your mattress.

And gas prices haven’t exactly been stable over the last few years, thanks to Obama’s yo-yo stance on drilling and foreign policy.

Not to mention when the power DOES go out, gas stations won't charge the regular prices. They'll jack them up to reflect "supply and demand.”

They’ll charge whatever they want! $5, $6, $10 a gallon - without blinking!

So when you invest thousands of dollars in a gas generator, that's just the start. You stop paying… it stops working.

Then there's the noise and pollution a gas generator makes. It's like advertising to any would-be looters, "Hey, I've got a generator, come and get it!"

Don't kid yourself. When the bleep hits the fan, people will be trolling neighborhoods in no time. Scouring for resources... food, water, and of course, power.

They'll take what they want, and they may even be armed like in Ferguson and Baltimore.

You certainly don't want to make yourself an easy target with a loud and stinky generator!

Plus, who wants to breathe in those smelly fumes? They're deadly. You can't use gas generators inside your home. You're not even supposed to let them come close!

Plus the risk of having to keep a huge supply of flammable gasoline near your house at all times!

And the big question…

What if You Can’t Get any Gas Because the Stations Have Been Pumped Dry as a Bone?

Gas stations don't function without electricity anyway. What then?

You'd be SOL, that's what.

How about a natural gas generator? Well, sure! If you've got an extra $10,000 to $20,000 burning a hole in your pocket!

Because that's what it’ll cost to buy one. Not to mention they’re obscenely expensive to have professionally installed. And you can't take it with you if you have to bug out, either!

Nope… one strong storm will kill your power and your fancy generator in one fell swoop. Talk about a double whammy!

Clearly, any kind of traditional generator is not a great option and is out of reach for most folks.

So with a gasoline and natural gas generator out of the question, there has to be something else, right?

How do you make sure your family has electricity, food, and warmth to keep them healthy, safe and comfortable?

You need to know without a doubt that when the things implode and the rest of the world goes berserk, your family will be secure. And that means being as energy independent as possible.

You don't want to worry about the ancient and insecure power grid dangling close to the edge of disaster.

You don't want to worry about a terror cell setting its sites on substations that might as well be marked with a big bulls-eye.

You don't want to have to resort to a gas-guzzling or natural gas generator, which are expensive and put the lives of you and your family at risk.

You don't want to worry about another Superstorm Sandy or Hurricane Katrina wiping out power for days or weeks on end. Leaving you and your family completely helpless.

You need to be sure you don't have to rely on any outside source to keep the lights on, appliances running, or your house warm or cool.

So What’s the Answer?

The answer is having a way to harness the limitless and FREE energy from the sun, with a portable solar powered generator.

Here’s the truth, folks: You need to make your home a self-powered oasis... with a reliable, discreet, and MOBILE source of power.

No gas or propane required. Ever.

Think about it... letting go of the worry of what will happen to your family during an outage... and never again being at the mercy of a crumbling, weak, and unreliable power grid!

Hey... I didn’t want other Americans to be kept chained up in fear of what might happen to them when the power goes out... or be at the mercy of our corrupt government’s criminal negligence. So I took it upon myself to find a viable power-generating alternative that was reliable, discreet, and one you could take with you... anywhere!

Knowing there HAD to be something better out there, I searched high and low for just the right kind of solar powered generator.

One that could harness limitless FREE power from the sun... one that was powerful and could provide enough juice to keep vital devices running: lights, cell phones, laptops, tablets, small appliances, even a freezer or a small fridge.

But most important? One that you could pack up in a matter of minutes, load into your car, truck, or RV, and get the heck out of dodge when a crisis hits.

I was completely frustrated by the lack of solutions on the market. So...

I Finally Took Matters
Into My Own Hands...

I got in touch with a rogue engineer based in Utah who is just as passionate about this as I am and 100 times more knowledgeable than me. This guy has spent years training as an engineer and has traveled all over the world for the past two decades, relentlessly researching the best way to generate and store the free power from the sun.

And after hearing my story, he agreed to design a truly breakthrough power-independence solution.

After months and months of tweaking and testing in the lab…

I’m Proud to Introduce the Patriot Power Generator 1500

I can honestly tell you that you'll be stunned by how powerful and portable this generator is. It's got a state-of-the-art lithium-iron-phosphate battery (referred to as LiFePO4 by engineers) that charges using the included top-of-the-line folding solar panel.

At only 38 pounds and with built in handles, just about anybody can lift it. It fits neatly in almost any cargo space, ready to go at any time.

Compared to the alternatives, the Patriot Power Generator 1500 has so many advantages it's almost UNFAIR for it to be on the market.

But before I tell you more, I keep coming back to this point.

Being able to have a power source like this that you can recharge ENDLESSLY, that will never run out of gas and that you can keep safely and discreetly in your home OR grab it and go if you need to… THIS is true peace of mind for you and your family.

Just imagine, this one device could be the difference between living through a crisis in safety and comfort or having to scramble desperately to meet your family's most basic needs.

Just think of all the ways you'll use this:

  • Power your freezer so you can have a long-lasting supply of food that's safe to eat. Not to mention your slow cooker, toaster oven, or even your coffee maker.
  • Power lights in your home for safety and comfort.
  • Power critical home medical devices. Portable oxygen machines, CPAP machines, mobility devices or monitoring equipment. And much more.
  • Power cell phones, computers, TVs or radios so you can communicate with family and stay informed.
  • Power an electric blanket to stay warm at night.
  • And much more!

Okay so…

You Know It Isn’t a Matter of IF You Need a Generator, But Which One?

So let’s take a moment here so you can understand why my Patriot Power Generator 1500 checks all the “must have” boxes to be the finest personal power source available on the market.

First off, we all know that gasoline generators, the most common type on the market, will make a TON of noise and pollute the air with noxious fumes.

They'll also DRAW UNWANTED ATTENTION from looters when all hell is breaking loose and discretion is a must.

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is whisper quiet, fume-free, discreet AND SAFE. You can keep it right in your bedroom and still sleep like a baby.

Natural gas generators may be able to power your whole house, but guess what? If a storm flattens your home, you're without your fancy generator AND the small fortune it cost to install!

Not so with the Patriot Power Generator 1500.

There’s no assembly or installation required. You’re not stuck in your house if a natural disaster heads your way – your Patriot Power Generator 1500 can “bug out” right along with you!

And it’s truly "plug and play.” Even a child can easily use it.

It Really IS As Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1: Unfold and set up your solar panel in the sunlight.

Step 2: Plug the solar panel into the Patriot Power Generator 1500.

Step 3: Plug in your electronic devices and enjoy free, abundant power from the sun!

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 offers up to 1,500 continuous watts of clean, quiet, and FREE renewable power.

  • Enough to power your lights for safety and comfort…
  • Your computer, cell phone, TV…
  • Even appliances like a small freezer or medical device that can sustain your family during a power outage caused by God knows what.

Dirk sent me this letter about his Patriot Power Generator 1500…

Dirk Springfield
July 22 at 3:44pm ·

Nice little power source when needed. I hooked it up to my camper and it ran everything but the air conditioner. Very simple and easy to use, thanks for offering a great little product!!!!!!!!

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That's right – renewable power with no additional costs ever! No gasoline, no propane - just the endless, FREE rays of the sun.

Not only that, but the Patriot Power Generator 1500 can hold a full battery charge for up to a year with only a 20% leak… max! That's absolutely UNHEARD OF!

It means that you can "set it and forget it.” If a crisis hits you won't have to wait for a charge, you’ll be good to go!

But I'm saving the best for last.

As I've said repeatedly throughout this entire presentation, any source of power is absolutely useless if you can't take it with you. Especially if you need to “leave home in a hurry.”

That’s Why I Made Sure the
Patriot Power Generator 1500 Was
Small, Compact, AND Powerful

It weighs only 38 pounds and at only 18"L x 10"W x 12"H, it’s small enough to go anywhere with you. And its compact size stores discreetly by design, because no one needs to know you have a covert power source tucked away in your home. Don't be fooled by its small size, friends.


This little generator packs a punch when it comes to delivering power.

And don't think you have to wait until the "bleep" hits the fan to take advantage of this workhorse. Its small size, portability and ease of use make it perfect for camping, hunting and fishing trips. Take it along on your next RV vacation, or even weekend tailgating.

I bet you can picture literally a HUNDRED ways you will use and enjoy having an easy, free source of power!

Mike P. calls it a…

Mike Pensive
June 18 at 6:36pm ·

Love it! Great purchase! A great piece of survival gear. Was looking for a small generator to run my CPAP machine at night because I quit breathing sometimes when I sleep and lose power a lot where we live. Got a lot more with the solar generator. Quiet and lightweight.

We have to be prepared. And I've thought of everything in this "little generator that could" so YOU don't have to.

Just so you can clearly see what makes my Patriot Power Generator 1500 head and shoulders above the rest, here it is up close and personal…

Truth Is, My Generator’s Combination of Features Gives It an Unfair Edge Over Its Competition...

Advanced-Engineered Battery Technology: My Patriot Power Generator 1500 contains a safe, state-of-the-art lithium-iron-phosphate battery famous for its thermal and chemical stability. It’s virtually impossible for these batteries to overheat or catch fire.

They’re far superior to older, out-of-date lead acid batteries, which can leak chemicals, cause a hazard to your family's health, and don't last nearly as long.

No Assembly Required: Your generator arrives already assembled and charged. You don’t have to wait to try out your generator; you can start using it right away.

Look how easy Mary P. got her generator going.

Mary Pullman
July 14 at 8:18am ·

The power went out several weeks ago so I got my generator, plugged in the fan, got a glass of iced tea, got my lantern and a book and I read the afternoon away. Love it!!!

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More Charging Cycles: You can fully drain and recharge the lithium-iron-phosphate battery inside your generator over 2,000 times. (Meanwhile, deep-cycle lead-acid batteries are only good for 50-100 cycles.) That’s the “magic” of advanced-engineering, folks!

The “Triple Charge” Advantage: Charge your generator using the included solar panels, by plugging it into a wall outlet or by using a wind turbine.

Fast and Flexible Charging: It sounds incredible, but my Patriot Power Generator 1500 is fully charged and ready to go in as few as 3.5 hours. That’s another reason we chose a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. It can be “fast charged” using the AC cord or included solar panels.

And if you don’t manage to fully top off the battery to 100%, no worries! Unlike lead-acid batteries, that won’t damage your unit. Just charge up what you can and enjoy a reliable, steady flow of backup power.

Hands down, lithium-iron-phosphate is the best choice.

Longer Life Span – Holds a Charge for Up to 12 Months! The Patriot Power Generator 1500 requires virtually no maintenance. And it’s always ready to go, because it stays charged for up to 12 months, with a max leak of just 20%. That’s incredible!

Here’s what Smitty said about his generator.

Smitty Purcell
August 03 at 3:44pm ·

We lost power for a day after a snow storm and we ran the cell phones, internet and satellite with the Patriot Power Generator 1500. Was able to keep cell repeater and internet going the length of the outage with a full charge and the solar panel connected.

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Up to 1,500 Continuous Watts of Power: Powers your cell phone, tablet, radio, lights, small appliances or critical medical devices. With proper power management, you could power your freezer INDEFINITELY. You'll never have to worry about your food reserves going bad.

Can’t you just see how important having a generator of this power and quality could be? Your life could depend on it!

Jack Lamburger
September 8 at 8:29pm ·

Easy to use and it works! We put it to use keeping our freezer going when we had an extra long power outage. It worked as advertised. Although we have not charged the unit we did have the solar panels out and reviewed how to set it up. We are very happy to have this unit in the house and ready for action if and when needed.

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Plenty of Electrical Outputs: We’ve truly thought of everything, folks. There are…

  • Two 120 volt AC outlets where you can plug in your standard issue 2- or 3-prong plugs
  • Four USB outlets for charging cell phones, tablets and other personal electronic devices
  • One 12 volt DC outlet that you can use with a cigarette lighter adapter
  • And one 12 volt Anderson Power Pole outlet, commonly used for emergency radio and CB units. (For all you ham radio operators out there.)

Commercial Grade, 100-Watt Folding Solar Panel: This solar panel has a rugged, durable metal frame with reinforced corners. You don't need to worry about handling it with kid gloves! It folds easily for discreet storage and includes a sturdy carrying handle so that you can take it anywhere.

"Daisy Chain" Additional Solar Panels for Even More Power: You can connect more solar panels to your generator. This will DOUBLE or TRIPLE your power so you can use more devices. And it can cut your charging time in half.

Doesn’t that sound good to you? Well sure it does!

So Let’s Talk About Reality Here

You and I both know there are some things you simply can’t put a price tag on... your family’s safety and survival being the most important.

As you can see, for solutions that even come close to my Patriot Power Generator 1500, you could expect to pay $10,000 or more. But even though I could charge close to that, I simply in good conscience couldn't do that to my fellow hard-working Americans.

I knew I had to offer the Patriot Power Generator 1500 at a price that wouldn't be completely out of reach for most folks.

So I'm offering it at an introductory price that just covers manufacturing costs and helps defray some of the research and development expenses.

Fact is the retail price of the Patriot Power Generator 1500 is $3997. But because I feel that strongly about making sure you and your family are secure… I’m going to do you one better, and offer the Patriot Power Generator 1500 for an unheard of limited-time price of $1997.

That’s $2000 off the regular price… a 50% discount!

Now, my friends think I'm crazy to offer an advanced-engineered, powerful and portable generator at a discount like this. And I can’t keep the price this low forever.

But folks, I want you to experience the peace of mind that you get from the Patriot Power Generator 1500. It creates free electricity for you immediately and protects your family in case of a crisis. Isn't it worth it to know you’ve got the ONE thing - the GLUE - to keep your family's life together, no matter where you are?

You could be at home, or in your RV, cabin, or undisclosed, completely off-the-grid location. It DOESN'T MATTER. If the sun is shining, you can charge your Patriot Power Generator 1500 for FREE. And it will power your critical devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Bonus #2: FREE 25 Foot Solar Panel Extension Cord (a $50 value):

Having this heavy-duty extension cord for your solar panels means that your panels can be outside soaking up the sun while your actual generator is inside giving you much needed power!

Bonus #3: “Top 7 Reasons Why the Grid Will Fail” (a $20 value):

In this report, learn exactly why our power grid is teetering on total collapse, and how to avoid the aftermath when it finally does! This is the information the government and the power companies DON’T want you to see!

Bonus #4: “The Blackout Response Guide” (a $20 value):

Find out exactly what you can expect when a blackout hits, plus what you need to do beforehand to make sure you’re prepared. Get the tips and tricks you need to keep your family safe and comfortable during the blackout, and what you can do after it’s over to get life back to normal.

Bonus #5: “The Generator Survival Checklist” (a $20 value):

Now that you’ve got your generator, make sure you have everything else you need to survive a crisis. You’ll be surprised by the some of the common household items that can make a huge difference in a disaster situation!

Bonus #6: “The 3 Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid” (a $20 value):

The government claims that so-called “smart meters” are going to help reduce energy use and lower costs. This report reveals what they’re NOT telling you.

The next three free bonuses are really my “survival essentials,” and I want to make sure you have them too.

Bonus #7: 4Patriots 72-Hour Survival Food Kit (a $27 value):

You’ll get a 72-hour emergency food kit packed in airtight packaging that’s rated for 25 years of storage. That is 16 full servings of survival food, 3 days of complete meals. These meals are delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare, and can literally save your life in a crisis.

Bonus #8: Survival Spring Personal Water Filter (a $25 value):

This advanced water filter removes up to 99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites and provides you with crystal-clear, life-giving water when no clean drinking water is available. It can be carried anywhere since it weighs only two ounces. It contains no chemicals and no moving parts, and requires no electricity or batteries.

Bonus #9: Survival Multi-Tool (a $10 value):

This compact but powerful survival tool packs 11 functions into a tool no bigger than a credit card and fits right in your wallet, so you'll always have it handy.

And one more, just for fun…

Bonus #10: Slash Your Power Bills Playing Cards (a $10 value):

Even in the middle of a crisis, everyone needs something to relieve the tension and bring everyone together, and there’s nothing like a deck of cards to provide hours of family entertainment. Plus, every playing card in this deck has a free tip about generating or conserving power.

That’s a Total Value of Over $400…
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Our customer service team is made up of real people – Americans. Not some 800 number routed over to a basement call center in India or the Philippines, forced to talk with someone named “Bob” with an accent you can barely understand.

Most companies would choke on such a guarantee, but for me it’s just part of doing business. Up front, honest and ethical. The American way.

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Like this one from Larry, who values being prepared:

Larry Kaiser
August 7 t 3:03pm ·

We bought this Generator for the just in case moment. We haven't had to use it yet, but we have tried it out. And it works as advertised. We're pretty sure we're the only ones on the block that have something like this, so we're keeping it a secret for now. We've also invested in all the other food products, so we should be well taken care of in case of an emergency. Thanks.

And look at the peace of mind that our customer Paul has thanks to his generator:

Paul Delasoul
October 19 at 11:28am ·

We were in the eye of Hurricane IRMA. My wife became really, really happy with our purchase. We could keep cell phones, radio batteries and several rechargeable multi-purpose batteries charged. And had reading lights for reading. A small string of LED lights on our porch light gave us needed security. It seemed expensive when we bought it … but believe me, we now realize it was worth every penny. It recharged as advertised. Five stars.

You can get your Patriot Power Generator 1500 in just a moment, but first...

I Want You to Picture This
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It's 8:47 AM and the "you know what" has just hit the fan. People are panicking in the streets—it's all over the radio and TV.

A news anchor comes on screen and says in a shaky voice, "We have reports of widespread power failures sweeping the area. If you’re watching this, your power could go out at any moment. We are now in a state of emergency. I repeat, we are now in a state of..."

The TV blinks out. Your lights go dark.

An eerie silence fills your home.

You turn on your portable AM radio and hear rumors of looting and unrest. This time, it’s closer to home.

Your family looks to you. "What's going to happen?" they ask.

The look of fear in your family's eyes hits you like a punch to the gut. What are you going to tell you them? What have you done to prepare?

Look, You've Come to a
Fork in the Road

It’s entirely up to you, which way you go. And if you don't take action to get your generator right now, you'll be in the same boat as the brainwashed masses that think, "Everything is fine.” And if a crisis hits and your family asks, "When will the power come back on?" your mouth will go dry and you'll feel powerless.

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You can power the freezer, cell phones and medical devices. Your home will be a little island of light and warmth, even when it’s dark everywhere else. Your generator will be a source of comfort and strength in the storm.

Your family will think you're a hero, because you will BE a hero. Can't you just imagine how good that will feel?

Listen, I Can’t Predict the Future

I don't know exactly when or how the next power grid disaster will hit. But from everything I see, it could be soon and it could be a big one. That's why I want you to get your generator now.

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